Logo vs. Branding

I just got done doing a series of logos for some clients. I love doing them but they are honestly one of the hardest projects to work on for a client. They are very conceptual and sometimes very time consuming.

I recently read on a design blog about a common misconception business owners have when either starting a new business or rebranding.

It was called the BRAND POWER. ¬†Basically, in short it goes on to talk about how businesses think that their logo is the entire being of their companies branding when in actuality, its probably the most minor part of the entire process. Not to mention that us graphic designers sometimes take the fault of a logo that was considered a “failure” due to the brand failing.

It gave prime examples of companies with Enourmous brand power.

McDonalds, NIKE, Coca-Cola and GAP (there are so many others)

They noted some great lines within the article that I’d like to end this post with.

Brand is not a mark, it LEAVES a mark

Companies make logos, CUSTOMERS make brands

Logo is an illustration, brand is a VISION

Logos project, brands PROTECT

I thought these were great and worthy of sharing… Here is the entire article for those interested.




P.S. i will post artwork soon.


~ by telledesigns on February 8, 2011.

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