Illustration Friday Concept: Double

Illustration Friday Concept: Double

My design for Illustration Friday (

This weeks concept is double. Since I love Japanese artwork, tattooing, culture, etc… I decided to incorporate this style into IF’s concept.

I guess this would be the first actual Illustration I have posted on IF since I started…I love doing Illustrations but I do a lot more digital manipulation (as you can see)

I promise that im purchasing a tablet very soon so that my illustration turnaround will be much faster and hopefully the designs will be a lot cleaner.

Illustration done in Adobe Illustator using pen and convert tool with a mouse.

As always, all feedback is recommended.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

– Telle


~ by telledesigns on July 23, 2010.

11 Responses to “Illustration Friday Concept: Double”

  1. is she one-eyed? her eyes seems be deficient

    • Mary –

      Not sure what you are referring to..I uploaded a quick change that I made to her reflection to make it more of an anatomically correct reflection. Not very detailed but I think it delivers the point. 🙂

      – telle

  2. No, I’m talking about her eyes, not about the reflection. She is LAZY-EYE. Amblyopia. I don’t know if you have done it purposefully

    (sorry Telledesigns… I think she is lovely, but her eyes are confusing me a lot…)

  3. This is so lovely Ryan! Love the look and feel. Great colors and layout! Excellent!!!

  4. I understand now. I will update it Monday and notify you. Your criticisms are important.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Heisann1

    I read yor question about drawing tablets for digital drawing. I have one old (the cables do not fit to the computer I use now, one my son occupies and I long for a new one. You are i heaven working with it compared to a mouse ;:OD)
    Very nice drawing for “double” !

  6. I love your blog. This illustration is very different from the others, but I like it very much. I love the japanese culture too.
    Great concept

  7. Jody – you are officially my favorite reader! 🙂
    Thank you very much for the wonderful comment. Check back in from time-to-time.. I try and get something up every week as long as my workload isn’t crazy. Freelance work will be put up soon as well. I’d love your opinion.

    – R

  8. Hi this interpretation of double is inspiring. Sometimes I look at good digital design skills like this and I reflect on whether my career choice to go into film and tv was a good one! Would love to pick up such vector skills as well as you.

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